Welcome to the new Eugene Sudbury Website!  Please be patient with us as we iron out all the wrinkles.  Our goal with the new website is to help parents and students stay involved, keep prospective parents informed, and make sure that everyone is up to date on our community events.  Here are some helpful tips:

  • You’ll find our parent’s section towards the bottom of the front page. We’re working on our volunteer logging system, so that you can quickly log your volunteer hours and see how many you have left. You can also go to the assembly section to check out the latest assembly news and events. There is also a link to access your current tuition invoice. All of these links are also at the top of every page! To access them quickly, locate the dark “tab” at the very top right of the page, a drop down menu will appear!
  • You can now pay your tuition on-line or from your phone! We’re using Square Cash to process all of our debit card payments. Please be aware that only debit cards will work – credit cards will be declined. Use your web-browser or the square cash app to send your tuition payment. Please be aware that “Square Cash” is different from “Square Wallet” – they are by the same company but two different services. If you are already using square wallet, you’ll need to download Square Cash onto your phone as well. For more information on this please see the billing email, or request it to be re-sent if you’ve lost it!
  • All of our camps are now easily accessible on-line. Register for camp and pay in one fell swoop. Please remember to review the camp that you sent your child to in order to help our programs grow and improve!
  • We’re striving to make our blog popular with the Sudbury community and informative to parent’s researching the education model. Please let us know if you would like to make a guest post or have come across an article that you know just has to be posted!

If you feel a bit lost in the new website, feel free to use the search function in the menu bar. Otherwise our staff is always happy to help.