Eugene Sudbury School is excited to offer its Open Doors Scholarship Program. This program is for students who have never attended Eugene Sudbury School and is completely funded through community donation. This October and November, we will be making 10 partial year scholarships available. Spaces are limited per grade. To apply please attend our October 23 or November 6 Open House where application packets will be distributed and the program and Sudbury Philosophy will be completely explained. Families admitted under the Open Doors Program are responsible for a $100 supply fee.


  • This is an interest-based scholarship. We will be assessing the students interest in democratic education through entrance interviews. There are limited spaces available for each grade.
  • This scholarship is partial-year. Students will receive tuition wavers from their date of enrollment through the end of the school year.
  • Families must attend the October 23 or November 6 Open House in order to receive an application packet and get an interview.
  • Applications are due at the time of the interview.
  • A $100 supply fee is due on or before the students first day.

For more information check out the Open Doors Program page.