Democratic Immersion

Eugene Sudbury School is a Democratic Immersion Program, based on the Sudbury model. This means that particpating on democratic decision-making is an essential part of our curriculum; every student, K – 12, gets an equal vote in the running of the school. The school is run through student and staff participation in committees, School Meeting, […]

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Throughout my childhood I attended (in order) a Montessori school, a small private school, an alternative classroom in a large public school, a traditional classroom in a large public school, a charter school with an emphasis on self-direction, two Sudbury Valley-esque schools, and a class-based homeschooling center. Some of these were just awful experiences, while […]

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How do we measure the success of an education? Professional educators often spend a great deal of time, energy, and thought developing the methods of education, from curriculums to class outlines, to test scores and performance evaluations. However, the ultimate goal of an education, of having an education, is to better prepare an individual to […]

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