Eugene Sudbury School

A Democratic Immersion STEAM school, Sudbury allows our students to take their education into their own hands!


Eugene Sudbury School has made the transition from a STEM school to a STEAM school. Our mission is to prepare our students for citizenship, college, and career. In order to accomplish our goal, the arts have become a prominent part of our offered curriculum alongside science, technology, engineering, and math.
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Painting, Sculpting, Crafts

Students get creative with sewing, felting, painting, drawing, pottery, jewelry design, crafting, and more.

Language Arts


Students may work on creative writing, essay writing, poetry, technical writing, spelling, and vocabulary.

Digital Media

Photography and Videography

We have digital cameras and camcorders available upon request and photo manipulation and video editing software.


Every Platform, Every Language

Students can learn to develop programs in any language and on any platform that interests them.

Computer Science

All Things Computer

From website design to robotics, we make sure that students’ interest in computers is fostered.


Start Your Own Business

Students of any age may present the School Meeting with a business plan and have it funded with school resources.


Chemistry, Biology, Physics

Students are able to design their own experiments, and explore what interests them.



Students may advance in math as far as they wish – calculus and beyond! We have all the tools.

Everything Else...

Whatever Your Student Loves

Geography, sociology, gender theory, anthropology… whatever your student has interest in, we have the resources.


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What Is Democratic Education?

At Sudbury, students are free to choose their own educational path. Students can use any of the resources at Eugene Sudbury School to facilitate their learning, staff will be available to help if needed. If Sudbury doesn’t have the materials needed, then students can request them from the School Meeting. In short, at Sudbury:
  • Students Pursue What They Love
  • Staff Are Active and Engaged All Day
  • Everyone Works Toward Community Goals
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Sudbury is Eugene's Only Democratic Immersion School!

Loaded with endless educational opportunities, we succeed at making learning important to our students!
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